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Peoples Party a political party in Papua New Guinea, registered with the Registry of Political Parties and Candidates Commission of Papua New Guinea. Peoples Party is a legally incorporated association with the Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority. Since formal registration in November 2006 this party celebrates its 10th years this November 2016. Peoples Party played a pivotal role in politics, governance and contributed immensely to the development of this country. The party became collation partners in the governments led by National Alliance and Peoples National Congress in two terms of Parliament. Peoples Party contested three National Elections in 2007, 2012 and 2017 endorsed over 100 candidates, won ten (10) electoral seats four (4) in the eight (8th) and six (6) in the ninth (9th) National Parliament. People’s Party championed the free/subsidized education policy in the country and developed a large number of human resources to support the development of Papua New Guinea. The party continues to promote zero tolerance to corruption in all sectors of the society especially the government systems to make sure that services reach the majority of the rural population. Peoples Party provided leaders that have heart for the people especially the 80 percent of the rural Papua New Guinea to see that they share the wealth of this country. The party was put together by a group of like-minded Papua New Guineans to provide a political will that serves the majority of the rural people of this country to access basic goods and services. These leaders most of them senior person (s) in different disciples in the public and private sector saw that the corrupt practices in all walk of life was eating into the fabrics of the systems of public administration, government and private areas of the society. They formed this political group to fight such practices. Some of the founding fathers of Peoples Party are members of Papua New Guineas National Parliament. Founders of the party include lawyers, Lehone Henao, Davis Stevens, late Utula Samana, Philemon Embel, geologist Wera Mori, businessman Mark Yakka, Yose Kome, Peter Iggy, journalist Frank Senge Kolma, TV personality John Eggins, David Ericho.The first foundation National Executives of Peoples Party were; Wera Mori, National President, late Vice President, Frank Senge Kolma (General Secretary), Mark Yakka (Treasurer), (Public Officer), Davis Stevens (current MP for Esa’ala Open).
These leaders invited Governor for Enga Hon. Peter Ipatas, MP, to become the first Parliamentary Leaders of the party. Sir Peter Ipatas now bestowed with the Knighthood of British Empire for his services in politics and civil society by the Queen of England brought with him three members of the 8th National Parliament to join the party, Hon. Dickson Maki, Member for Kompiam Ambum, Hon. Kappa Yakka Member for Laiagap-Pogera and Hon. Gordon Wesley, Samarai Muruwa . Peoples Party went into its first National Elections in 2007 as a political party with three sitting members of National Parliament and over 60 endorsed candidates out of the 109 Electoral Seats throughout Papua New Guinea. People’s Party recruited four (4) MPs and went into the 2007 National Election for the first time with four (4) sitting Members of National Parliament under the Parliamentary Leadership of Sir Peter Ipatas, (Enga), Gordon Wesley, (Samari Muruwa), Kappa Yakka (Laiagap Porgera) and Dickson Maki, (Kompiam Ambum). The party endorsed over 60 candidates in the 2007 National Elections to win four (4) electoral seats; Ipatas, (Enga), Wesley (Samarai-Muruwa), Samson Kuli, (Usino Bundi), late Sailon Besseco (Kainantu). John Pundari (Kompiam Ambum) and leader for PNG Advance Party joined later with Dr. Moses Manuwa (Wewak) after declared winner at the Court of Disputed Returns. The National Alliance led government show People’s Party’s loyalty to award with the Minister for Mining in the later part of 2010. However, an impasse occurred with rebel MPs on the floor of National Parliament in 2011, that also affected People’s Party Parliamentary Wing, where three (3) of our MPs joined the opposing group while Pundari remained in the Somare-Abal camp. Sir Peter Ipatas was in the United States when the impasse occurred to oust the National Alliance led government whilst Sir Michael was attending medical treatment in Singapore. Peoples Party went into the 2012 National Elections with three sitting MPs (Ipatas, Pundari, Kuli), while late Besseco, Manuwe and Wesley joined THE and PNC respectively to contest the elections. The party endorsed a total of 56 candidates in the 2012 National Elections. It won six MPs; Ipatas, (Enga) Pundari, (Kompiam), new comers Robert Ganim, (Wabag), Westley Nukundz (Dei), Mogerema Sigo Wei, (Karamui Nomane) and Davis Steven (Esa’ala), with nine first runner ups and 13 in the top five in the polls. People’s Party joined the current PNC led government and was given two Ministries (Pundari, Environment &Conservation & Climate Change) (Steven, Civil Aviation), two vice Minister ( Sigo Wei, Agriculture), (Nukundz, Climate Change) and a Parliamentary Referral Committee Chairman (Ganim, Education). Pundari & Nukundz left the party to join PNC after we both parties had a formal agreement to stay together. People’s Party contested the 2017 National Elections under the leadership of Dr William Tongamp, the Governor for Jiwaka, after Sir Peter Ipatas in a sudden political move joined the Peoples National Congress Party with another founding member Hon. Davis Steven the Member for Esa’a’la on the eve of the elections. The young leader from Jiwaka took the party into the elections with 35 endorsed candidates and won two electoral seats include Hon. James Donald, North Fly and himself. To date the party has two members in the 10th National Parliament.