Sir Peter: God at work in Enga

October 27, 2017 | The National |

ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says the many changes and developments in the province are through divine intervention.
Sir Peter urged Engans to acknowledge God for his blessings instead of fighting each other.
“You know what kind of people you are. Sometimes, the changes you see happening in the province are not flukes. Some people work very hard to get things done. It is through Godly intervention that you see what you see,” he said
Sir Peter was speaking during the graduation of Enga College of Nursing at Sopas outside Wabag yesterday.
He said despite Enga being one of the remotest provinces in the country, it was through God’s intervention that so many good things had happened and brought change and urged his people to be humble.
“Too much pride will destroy Enga. We see God’s blessings in this province. It’s time we humble ourselves and obey God’s laws and laws of the land.
“God’s laws and laws of the country are the same laws. We must respect these laws and abide by them at all times.
“I don’t like it when people are saying that Engans fight all the time.
“We must stop fighting and respect God’s laws and laws of the country.”
Sir Peter said that Australia and other countries invested so much in Enga because it was God that touched their hearts to help the people.
“In the past, a lot of our children went out of the province to get educated but now we are witnessing graduations back in the province. We are now able to have nurses and teachers graduate in Enga.
“This is all God’s intervention and we must thank Him for all these wonderful blessings.”
Sir Peter said he happy to witness the graduation of the first 13 nursing students from the college.
He reminded the graduates that they made him and the people of Enga proud, and urged them to be good ambassadors of Enga College of Nursing wherever they went.