Sir Peter urges people to stop fighting in Enga

August 15, 2017 | The National |

ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has urged the people to stop fighting and take up their grievances to relevant authorities.
He was commenting on a fight in Wabag between the Teremanda and Amala villages believed to have claimed more than 20 lives.
Enga police commander George Kakas is yet to confirm the total number of people killed although he said 16 had been reported so far.
Sir Peter told The National last night that election-related violence which started last month had brought Wabag to a standstill.
“The fight resulted in innocent children missing school, girls and mothers fearing for their lives, businesses and services closed,” he said.
Sir Peter said those unhappy with election results should take up their cases with the court of disputed returns instead of causing problems in Wabag and Enga.
The Teremanda and Amala villages are located on the outskirts of Wabag.
Kakas earlier said the fight broke out between the Amala (Kala clan) and Teremanda (Kii clan) over what was understood to be an election-0related dispute.
“Permanent and semi-permanent houses, village huts, fuel stations were burnt,” Kakas said.
“Business houses (some of them) have closed last week. But the peace negotiation team is going back and forth.”