Tongamp praises new association

January 15, 2018 | The National |

JIWAKA Governor Dr William Tongamp has praised people from Bune community of Berepka tribe in South Waghi for forming a new association to change the way they live.
After launching the Empowering Bune Community For Change association on Saturday at Malbanga village, Tongamp told the people that the world was changing and people need to adapt to change.
“You must live independent lives and look after your families,” he said.
“Send your children to school, pay their school fees, and pay medical fees when they are sick.
“Life is very short. The 60 or 70 years that we live on this earth, we must enjoy life.”
Tongamp said consuming marijuana and alcohol were not true life.
He urged young people to make gardens and look after pigs.
“Money is in the land. Don’t waste your time standing at the roadside or markets.”
Tongamp also urged young people and married people to observe God’s law which will enrich them with wisdom to live better lives.
He thanked the association executives and chairman Eric Tol for taking the initiative to change their community.