Tongamp thanks PM for his loyalty to Jiwaka people

August 14, 2017 | The National |

JIWAKA Governor Dr William Tongamp has thanked Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for allocating the petroleum and energy ministry to Dr Fabian Pok.
Tongamp said he is happy with the Prime Minister for his loyalty to Jiwaka MPs and people by allocating them a senior ministerial portfolio.
“From 2012 to 2017, all four MPs from Jiwaka stuck together with O’Neill’s People’s National Congress party,” he said.
“This term of parliament is the same and I thank the prime minister for his loyalty.”
The People’s Party leader will be Port Moresby today for the MPs’ orientation programme. He is pleased with the three district MPs who vowed to work as a team.
Tongamp appealed to the O’Neill government to give more attention to Jiwaka because it is a new province.
“As a new province we require urgent government support,” he said.
“Our three very important developments highlight for the province is the Banz-to-Jimi road project, rehabilitation of the rundown Waghi Mek coffee plantations, and the development of the Kurumul provincial headquarter.
“Since Jiwaka is also an agricultural hub of the Highlands, we kindly ask the government to allocate the agriculture secretary position to a Jiwakan, when positions of departmental heads are distributed.”